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  • Comes with plastic knife and chopping board for children to enjoy cutting, provide maximum security for your kids

  • Each fruit and vegetables can be sliced in half because they are connected with velcro

  • Bright and various colors and different shapes not only can draw babies' attention, also can cultivate color perception capacity.Set of colorful plastic fruit vegetables toys for your dear kids

  • Enjoy fun and happiness of the Pretend Play Game cutting fruit, developing practical ability, hand-brain coordination capacity and satisfying their desire

  • Perfect gift and education toy for baby kids.

  • Specifications:

    .Material: Plastic
    .Product Weight: 509g
    .Package Dimensions: 26*17*13cm
    .Package Weight: 612g
    .Packing: Mesh Bag

    Package Content:

    .1 x Watermelon(6*6.5cm)
    .1 x Strawberry(4.5*5.5cm)
    .1 x Banana(4*10cm)
    .1 x Pear(5*7cm)
    .1 x Grape(5*7cm)
    .1 x Apple(5*5.5cm)
    .1 x Big Basket(26*17*13cm)
    .1 x Mushroom(5.5*5cm)
    .1 x Green Pepper(5.5*7.5cm)
    .1 x Chinese Cabbage(4.5*6.5cm)
    .1 x Lemon(5*7cm)
    .1 x Broccoli(6*6cm)
    .1 x Small Basket(8.7*7cm)
    .1 x Carrot(4*10cm)
    .1 x Corn(5*9cm)
    .1 x Eggplant(4*8cm)
    .1 x Tomato(5.5*5.5cm)
    .1 x Pumpkin(6*5cm)
    .1 x Orange(6*6cm)
    .2 x Chopping Board(7.5*13.5cm)
    .2 x Knives(14cm)
    .6 x Pizza(6.5cm)

    TENGER 29Pcs/Set Kitchen Play Toy Plastic Fruit Vegetables Cutting Toy Early Development and Education Toy for Baby - B07DRB37T9

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