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  • ✅ Tiptoi® why? Why? Why? Medieval - Discover the Knight + Children World Map/Poster (42 cm x 30 cm) by Collectix

  • ✅ who they were Ritter? The short Mathes takes us on a exciting 'Burg Falke Horst an on the patio. Exciting sounds and know texte bring the world the Knight on the go. Only works with Tiptoi® Pen.

  • ✅ children will discover the world of knights, Burgen, locks and tight.

  • ✅ stunning scenes give it a must-have the reader feel to see the historic of environments and make everyday wear, and the life of your Ritter.

  • ✅ explore, know Sachbuch, book know Knights 'Castle, Knight's armour, history, Historic,, Knight, Knight's/children's book, book - has emerged, horse, everyday, Lexikon, Lexikon, children, Lexika, history book, face book, learning, learningBook, learning book - Castle Schloss, medieval/Epoche, kind, Burg Lord Adel, life, fighting, fighter, Warrior with Sword, bow, arrow, signs, Virtue, Ritterlich, Knight, Kette Shirt, lance, Discovery Book, expertise, Sachunterricht, education,

  • Ravensburger tiptoi Why? Why? Why? - Band 11 We discover the Ritter
    Who they were Ritter? The short Mathes takes us on an exciting journey at the station of Castle Falke Chewings. Exciting sounds and knowledge text bring the world of Ritter on the go.
    More product information: What was actually the tasks and chores of a Ritters? Just like Saw A Knight's armour out? And how was a knight and competition animals. Stunning depicting scenes give the reader develop a feel for the historic of environments and make everyday wear, and the life of your knight. The authentic enviroments, the Dialoge, stories and games draw any young knights fan into the middle of the action. Therefore, one of the most beautiful companies is thing of the past against the eyes of the children alive again. - -----------------------------------------------------------
    Children's book series Why? Why? Why?
    The range why? Why? Why? Is child's answers to the questions, the children have and takes you along on an exciting journey of discovery.
    The unique concept brings functional, just Recherchierte information and fun learning lovingly under a hat. The different tiers have Altersgerecht designed to ensure the questions of the kid's will answer and you can also with much joy and fun can immerse yourself in the world of knowledge.
    Explore the world of pirates and horses, explore the ancient Egypt or fly you on a tour of the space. There are so much fun to discover. Tiptoi is an innovative learning system, with the child discover the world in a fun way. The Tippt the child with the pen on a picture or text, as well as matching sounds, speech and music. An intelligent electronic control allows children to books, games, and toys completely independently again and again to experience.

    Ravensburger tiptoi Book – Discover the Knight + Children Animals World Map Countries Continents - B06XKF56RF

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