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  • Material: rubber, sturdy, wipeable, safe, beautiful

  • Size: The jumping ball has a diameter of 40cm and the handle is 10cm long and is suitable for children from 4 years.

  • Function: The jumping ball is one of the most commonly used sensor training equipment in kindergartens and has many functions such as sitting, riding, jumping and shooting. Through these exercises, the child's balance and coordination skills are trained to fully integrate the brain.

  • Interesting: The jumping ball is quick and easy to use. The baby can not only play and jump alone, but also play with his friends to see who plays high and jumps far away. In the unconscious, the baby falls in love with the sport.

  • Suitable for: Best suited for the straight and stable lower surface. Such as: living room, corridor, garden, etc.

  • Colour Name:Red

    Toy material: rubber
    Applicable age: 48 months or more
    Product material: PVC

    The baby can not only play and bounce, but also play with his friends to see who jump higher and jumps further. It can let the baby fall in love with sports unconsciously. 
    The croissants ball is one of the commonly used sensor training equipment in kindergartens. It has many functions such as sitting, riding, jumping and shooting. Through these exercises, the child's balance and coordination ability is trained so as to fully integrate the brain.
    1. Promote baby's perception of color.
     2. Develop your baby's balance ability.
     3. Exercise your baby's athletic ability.
     4. Stimulate the good development of the visual system.
     5. Promote healthy growth of your baby's bones.
     6. Exercise your baby's hand and foot flexibility.
     7. Promote brain development.

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    1*croissants ball ball

    iShine Kids Hopper Jumping Ball Inflatable Thickened Robust Bouncy Ball for Children Over 4 Years Old - B07FSLMWQ8

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