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  • ✮ ENDLESS FUN: Everybody loves bubbles! This funny 20 cm high octopus shaped bubble maker adds a colourful and unique touch to every occasion and will surely put a smile on everyone's face!

  • ✮ 14 SPINNING WANDS: Just pour the bubble solution into the reservoir at the top to continuously feed the 14 spinning wands and create a hurricane of colourful bubbles.

  • ✮ BUBBLE FLUID INCLUDED: A bottle with 236 ml. bubble solution is included with the machine. After unpacking it and inserting the batteries, you can enjoy the fun immediately (works with 3 AA batteries, not included).

  • ✮ LUMINOUS EYES: As soon as the Bubble Machine is on, the blue and red coloured lights in the eyes of this cute looking octopus will start to flash, giving an extra dimension to the entire event!

  • ✮ EASY TO USE: The machine is easy to operate and refill. Fill the Octopus with bubble fluid, press the on/off button and watch hundreds of bubbles coming out of its head.

  • Endless fun
    This Octopus Bubble Blower provides great outside fun. Not only for the little boys and girls amongst us, but for adults as well! It delivers an essential and special contribution to any outdoor (birthday or garden) party.
    14 Spinning wands
    The 14 wands, divided in two rows of seven wands, create a high output of bubbles. The octopus can generate over 500 bubbles per minute. It almost looks like a bubble gun!
    Bubble fluid included
    236. ml magical bubble solution is included. Off course, you can also use it with home-made water and soap bubble solution. The machine has a large bubble solution bowl for more bubble fun. Note: If home-made bubble solution is too strong, the machine will not be able to blow bubbles with it.
    Luminous eyes
    Celebrate birthday parties, playdates, weddings, baby showers, and many more events while not only enjoying the bubbles, but also the colourful lighted eyes of this funny creature.
    Easy to use
    The Bubble Octopus is lightweight, so even little toddlers can move it to the best spot for bubble blowing. It can easily be filled with new bubble solution at the top, there's no need to open a cover first. Note: Do not spill bubble solution near the battery compartment.

    Gadgy ® Bubble Machine Octopus | 236 ml. Bubble Blower Solution Included | 20 cm High with 14 Spinning Wands | Automatic Battery Powered | Outdoor Toy for Kids Party Wedding Decoration Gift - B07DQLZPKL

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