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  • Length: 150cm

  • Weight: 895g

  • Wicks: 2 x (50cm x 100mm)

  • This Flames 'N Games 150cm contact fire staff is based on a thick and very tough top quality T6 aluminium shaft, these contact fire staffs are specifically designed for the more experienced and aggressive fire staff spinners aa well as for those who like performing contact moves and body rolling staff manipulation!

    Fitted with no less than 50cm x 100mm of top quality Para-Aramid Kevlar fire wick on each end. The fire wick we use does not contain any dangerous copper mesh and is as resistant if not more so than wick that does. The weave itself has been developed to minimise fraying and therefore extending the life span of fire wick. If used and stored correctly this wick should last several hundred burns!

    Each burner will produce a good size flame which will last approx. 6 to 10 minutes depending on the conditions and unlike other fire staffs around they should not need re-wicking for years! The ends of the shaft are blocked with 2 wooden plugs which are covered in thick heat-resistant aluminium to stop the flames from travelling through the tube and keeping the temperature of the shaft low.To finish off the staff we have placed in the centre a long (40cm) shock absorbing, Non-slip, padded hand grip

    Flames 'N Games Contact Fire Staff 150cm - 2x100mm Wicks + Travel Bag! - B0042W8G80

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